14 June 2017: It doesn't matter what you do but with whom you share it

We declare June as the makers and commons month!

Makers are part of a community which enjoys more the process and the learning than the final results. Therefore, for supporting their search for means, we will attend the next Maker Faire Barcelona 2017, which this weekend will host in Montjuïc (Feria de Barcelona, Pabellón Italia) the most talented and creative makers from technology, art, craftwork, education and many other fields. Organized by Sónar+D, Fab Lab Barcelona and Soko Tech, the event has grown a lot since its 2006 first edition in San Francisco. So we will wait for you at our booth the days 17 and 18 of June!

Our team from Platoniq, in collaboration with Artik Center Fab-Lab Palma and Europeana, is also organizing the Heritage meets Makers. Co-design workshop. This meeting is an invitation for makers to explore and co-create new ideas for reusing the open digital heritage. Let's meet on 22 of June from 10am to 6pm and on 23 of June from 10am to 2pm at the Artik Center Fab-Lab Makerspace in Palma de Mallorca.

While keep on standing in the same isle we invite you to the next crowdfunding workshop by Goteo. If you want to fund your social, cultural or technology project in a collective way, this could be very interesting for you. Here the practical information: Palma de Mallorca, 29 of June from 4pm to 8pm. Please, apply here as there are only a few days left!

As we said, June is also the commons month, and actually on 27 and 28 of June the second edition of the Procomuns. Commons Collaborative Economies Forum will take place. The event is coordinated by the reasearch group Dimmons from UOC Institut Interdisciplinar d’Internet (IN3) and organized by BarCola, among others, where Goteo is a part of. The free access forum aims to co-create public policies for a commons collaborative economy but it also wants to be a space where to co-design and achieve proposals for moving forward commons collaborative economies. One of the goal of the event is to make visible the importance of commons-oriented production in Barcelona, Catalonia and Europe, but also to find out which is the model administrations should encourage while co-creating public-common solutions. This year there are a lot of interesting things to be part of, such as the Yochai Benkler conference or the Flash Talks, so the best is checking the program and applying here for the activities you like the most. We will be there ... and you?

Now, changing the focus, if you are very curious, hold on a little bit as on 29 of June the names of the selected projects of META!Kultura 2017 call will be published. They will benefit from a personalized advisory and they could receive up to 70.000€ of matchfunding from the Gipuzkoa Diputación Foral.

Finally, there are only two weeks left for Europeana. Enciende la Mecha por la educación projects to end their campaigns. You can still support these projectes which have succeeded passing to the second round. Do you prefer this, this or both?

Well, do not worry if you are not able to make yourself clear, as with the highlights of this week ... we will add fuel to the fire! Inclusive projects designed for children, young people and families. Choose one. Or choose all :)

A pergola for Can Batlló
Participating in a collective process to build a wooden element for the playground
By: Fusteria Can Batlló + Volta / Investigació Canyera
Can Batlló és un antic recinte industrial que, des de l’entrada veïnal de l’11 de juny de 2011, està sent recuperat, rehabilitat i autogestionat per part del veïnat. A més de la recuperació de les antigues naus industrials, per donar-los un ús social i col·lectiu, també s’estan impulsant projectes a l’espai públic -futur parc de Can Batlló-, com són els horts autogestionats. Des de fa uns quants mesos, des de la Fusteria Col·lectiva de Can Batlló s’està impulsant...
Co-financing: Minimum € 2.945 _ Optimum € 4.025
Remaining: 18 days
Documentary on Manresa
Self-managed major festivals as spaces of social transformation.
By: 25 anys de festa i reivindicació a Manresa
Categories: Cultural
L’any 1992 de la mà dels moviments socials més combatius de Manresa, neix la Festa Major Alternativa. Darrere hi havia la voluntat de polititzar els espais d’oci per convertir-los en uns espais de compromís i lluita social on les injusticies del dia a dia no fossin oblidades, sinó qüestionades d’arrel. En aquest documental veurem com diverses generacions han crescut lligades a aquest punt de trobada i reivindicació, i com la seva empremta fa que moltes persones no entenguin Manresa...
Co-financing: Minimum € 1.970 _ Optimum € 4.070
Remaining: 19 days
Rural Fest
Third edition of a free meeting around arts, music and ecology.
III Festival Reina Loba
By: Espacio Matrioska
III Festival Reina Loba
Categories: Cultural
La tercera edición del Festival Reina Loba se celebrará los próximos días 10, 11 y 12 de Agosto en Os Blancos (Ourense). Una iniciativa del colectivo artístico Espacio Matrioska, volverá a ser un encuentro para todos los públicos, construido sobre las bases de las artes, la música y la ecología y la naturaleza, tratando transversalidades como el feminismo, la educación o las ruralidades. Habrá una gran oferta de actividades y talleres, así como de música en directo. El festival...
Co-financing: Minimum € 5.500 _ Optimum € 12.000
Remaining: 15 days
Free co-working space
For accommodating a co-working space and for democratizing success for young people
Demokratisera framgång med ett co-working space i Alby!
By: Changers Hub
Demokratisera framgång med ett co-working space i Alby!
For two years, non-profit organisation Changers Hub has supported over 700 young adults from the suburbs of Stockholm to make their ideas come to life and to achieve their full potential. The organisation has grown rapidly and now we move into new, amazing facilities to help more young adults from the local are, but also to, for the first time ever, open Changers Hub during daytime and offer free workplaces in a co-working space. Help ut to create the best, most rewarding and coolest...
Co-financing: Minimum € 13.000 _ Optimum € 20.000
Remaining: 27 days
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