A plataforma Goteo é uma parte fundamental da Fundação Goteo, que promove ferramentas para financiamento cívico, onde possibilitamos a continuidade de muitas iniciativas. Temos três alicerces muito importantes: ecológico, social e democrático, que dão sentido ao que fazemos:

  • We don't leave anybody behind, supporting “case-by-case and step by step”, by training, disseminating and assisting more than 200 projects per year.
  • We innovate by default, leading innovative processes for co-responsible funding, together with public and private institutions.
  • We share what we have, creating free software, opening our data and our source code in order to grow our community, strengthen the knowledge society and being actively involved in it, with no complexes!
Goteo Foundation

A team working for a civic crowdfunding!

Nossos custos
150.006 €
Gastos operacionais 2017
Expenses covered by 4% commission
Gostos dedicados à salários

In 2017, we raised more than 1.150.000€ to fund projects. The commission collected from successful projects is 4%, which means covering the 29% of our operational expenses. And what are our operational expenses? Mainly, our team salary payments, that make possible the day-to-day of the organization. Check out aquí our annual account from 2017 and help us to keep working.

All donations to the Goteo Foundation are tax-deductible. For example, if you donate € 100, Tax Office will pay you back €75. Use our Tax Calculator to calculate your Tax savings. You are going to receive the Donation Certificate that belongs to you.

If you have any question about supporting to Goteo Foundation. Contact us at donate@goteo.org